About Pets Together

We’re bringing people and pets together to reduce social isolation and loneliness

Pets Together is an Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) program. AFF is a national non-profit located in the Hudson Valley of New York. (You can learn more about us here.) Like most people, the coronavirus changed the way we work and it has deeply affected our lives. Our staff is spending more time at home and most of us know at least one person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. 

Our advocacy work is traditionally done out in the community as we make connections with people through animals but obviously that is on hold for now. Through our advocacy work, we have learned that animals are the best ice breaker for making a connection with strangers. Typically, we make these connections in the community, but our traditional advocacy work is on hold due to the coronavirus.  

We looked around the Farm and realized that we could still make those connections and we could do it with more than just dogs.

From that came the idea for Pets Together. While owned and operated by Animal Farm Foundation, we gave this program its own identity as we hope that it will endure even after this time of social distancing is over. Feelings of isolation and loneliness existed before Covid-19 and will still exist after. We’ll always be here to help.


Help us bring people and pets together to reduce social isolation and loneliness