Meet our Pets!

These three pawesome pups are our featured volunteers of the month! We thank them for all of their hard work (oh, and their humans, too :))


Molly is an 8-year-old rescued Sheltie girl, who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Molly was adopted from the Humane Society of Southeast Texas when she was 4 years old, after her folks saw her picture on Petfinder.Com. Molly loves eating, sleeping, and underarm rubs. Her favorite treat is string cheese, but she loves any kind of dog treat! Molly’s best trick is that she can spin in circles really fast, especially when it’s mealtime. Molly always knows when it’s time for a Pets Together visit. She sees the laptop getting set up, and when her mom says, “Molly, let’s go zoom zoom,” she runs and jumps up on the couch. She knows she gets dog treats after every virtual visit, and Molly is all about the treats! 

We love having Molly on our team!


Jett is an Italian Greyhound with a certified pedigree from the AKC. His middle name is “SEVEN”, as he was born on the seventh day of April, 2016, which means he just had his fifth birthday!

He is full grown at 16 pounds and won’t get any larger than he is now if I watch how many treats he eats! He is black with white markings on his four feet, the end of his tail, and even has a small white heart on the back of his neck! Jett has boundless energy and is very lovable. He gives lots of kisses, and loves to snuggle. Don’t let him fool you though as he can run 45mph, is very strong, and can jump four feet high! He burns off his energy by taking two short walks each day and by  running in my fenced in yard, and catching his ball which is his favorite thing to do!

It is very difficult for an Italian Greyhound to become a Therapy dog because of their energy and being a Sighthound. However, Jett has worked extremely hard and has earned four titles from the American Kennel Club. Congrats, Jett!!


Miss Josephine Marcus (Josie) is a 7-year-old liver-and-white English springer spaniel. She has been a certified therapy dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs since she was 3 years old and has completed about 275 visits as of April 2021. She has visited nursing homes, schools and universities, libraries, a hospital, a correctional facility, a secure mental health care facility, a camp for kids, a tutoring center, a hospice patient, and more. Josie and her handler, Amy, also give talks to youth and adult community groups about therapy dogs, service dogs, and dog etiquette, safety, and care. Amy and Josie love dressing up in matching costumes and visiting on holidays.

Josie has several AKC titles: Canine Good Citizen, Rally Novice (obedience), Trick Dog Performer, and Therapy Dog Excellent. Her favorite tricks are rolling over, walking backward, putting her toys away in a box, and playing the piano. Josie’s favorite treat is whatever comes out of the toaster. Her favorite toy is a Frisbee (but only for playing keep-away!), and her favorite color is PINK! She loves being petted all over. Josie lives in Wisconsin with her fellow springers Alice and Ronnie (who is Alice’s mama!) and her humans Amy and Boyd. You can follow her on Facebook at “Therapy Dog Josie,” and of course she can also be seen on Zoom visits for Pets Together! 

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