Meet the Pets

These are just a few of the pets you might chat with during your virtual visit. We’re adding more every day, so check back soon for updates.

Ruckus and Kayla

Ruckus is currently in the running to the next participant of Americas Got Talent. Kayla is a big fan of naps, lots of old lady naps.

Groot and Happy

Besties, buddies, super friends, whatever you call them, Groot (dog) and Happy (cat) can’t get enough of each other.


She gets her name from the markings on her nose and she gets attention because she’s so darned cute!

Marcus, Joe, Jenny, and Ruby


Annie, whose canine brother Tommy joins in the virtual pet visits, enjoys lounging and belly rubs.


Tommy, like his sister Annie, loves being lazy and receiving belly rubs.


When not appearing on camera, Buttons is a guide dog. When not working, he enjoys naps, treats, and shedding.


She likes to do tricks like giving high fives, rolling over, walking backward, and putting her toys away.



Opal and Yukon


Yes, his name really does include the exclaimation point.

Muffin and Baby